Why go international?

Any business owner not looking outside their own country is in danger of reaching saturation at some point. After all, local markets offer limited opportunities for growth. The success of your business depends on its ability to look beyond its own market. Moreover, the disappearance of customs formalities in the European Union has created new opportunities. Through our China desk, we can also help you with those first steps to break into the Chinese market.

Why invest in Europe?

If as a non-European business, you want to make your mark globally, then consider expanding your business activities into Europe. Or enter other European markets outside your current scope. For example, you can set up a subsidiary or take over (part of) a European business.

There are many reasons to choose Belgium as an investment location. Not only is it a logistics hub in the middle of the European purchasing hub, it is also a knowledge-based economy that shares its country capital, Brussels, with Europe. In short: the Benelux offers you a strategically strong position if you have pan-European ambitions.

Our approach

Fibiz can help you with your international business plan.

Fibiz gives advice and offers project management services to foreign companies that want to enter the Benelux or European market.

As a foreign business, it is not always easy to build up a market from scratch by means of greenfield investment. That is why businesses often choose to buy holdings in or take over a local Belgian business.

Fibiz has a network of local companies with potential as takeover targets, and has successfully supported various international parties in acquiring Belgian businesses.

Given our international experience, we are particular aware of cultural differences and we can bridge cultural gaps. Our knowledge of local customs and regulations is essential.

International network

Fibiz has an extensive international network with knowledge of all sectors. These are business contacts that we always involve when searching for opportunities in Europe for you.

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