Acquisition support

Corporate finance covers all financial aspects relating to the change, growth, sale or restructuring of businesses, especially those aspects of a business’s lifecycle that are less familiar to management and the accounts department.

Based on our extensive experience, Fibiz can guide you step-by-step through your business's lifecycle.

Selling a Business

Fibiz Partners is an independent consultancy firm that advises and supports the owners and managers of SMEs when they are looking to sell part or all of their business, from the time when the decision to sell is made to when the planned transaction is finalised.

There can be many different reasons why a business is put up for sale. Strategic or financial considerations often play a role, but the sale can also be part of a business plan or succession by the next generation.

The sale of a business requires extensive preparation. A data room and due diligence are essential elements, but choosing the right advisor can also make a difference to the success of the sale.

Your options

Are you looking for a buyer for one or more parts of your business? Are you looking to sell assets, machinery or perhaps a building? Are you looking for a new shareholder? Or perhaps you want to sell your entire business?

Who is the right buyer for your business?

Fibiz will analyse your business and your personal situation first and only then do we start looking for suitable candidates.

Starting from our networks

Over the years, Fibiz has built up an extensive network at home and abroad, including a network in China. Access to international databases and close contacts with international partners ensure that we are able to quickly find the most suitable candidates for you. Using a memorandum of sale, we discreetly provide detailed information about your business and market situation.

Until the contract is signed

Together we will find the right buyer for your business. Fibiz then supervises and manages the entire transaction: negotiations, declaration of intent, auditing of annual accounts, advice on drawing up the contracts. Of course, we keep you informed of all developments.

What if you have questions even after the sale has gone through?

Fizbiz is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our approach

Fibiz helps you every step of the way.

Fibiz always takes a result-oriented approach and bases its fee primarily on those results (success fee).

Acquiring a Business

Our approach varies according to the various different situations in which a private individual or a business would consider acquiring a business.

Your options

Strategic/financial acquisition

In many cases, the sale of a business is driven by strategic and financial elements

A strategic consideration would be, for example, the presence of so-called 'synergies' with the buyer. These are assets that are essential for continued growth.

Management buy-out (MBO)

If you want to buy the business you work for, this is called a management buy-out.

If you rely on an external investor for financing a management buy-out, this is called a leveraged management buy-out. In this case, the external investor buys the whole business or part of it together with you. You subsequently pay back the money invested by the external investor.

Management buy-in (MBI)

There might be a situation when you, as an outsider, take over a business with or without the help of an external financial investor, and you wish to take an active role in this business.

This is called a leveraged management buy-in.

Our approach

The course and timeframe of the process are largely determined by the nature of acquiring a business (shares or assets, real estate, etc.) and the complexity of the necessary financing and negotiations.

Fibiz supports you with every step of the acquisition.

Fibiz always takes a result-oriented approach and bases its fee on those results (success fee).

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