Financial services

Part-time CFO

Many organisations only have a limited need for a CFO, meaning it is not worthwhile to employ one full-time. Fibiz helps you make financial decisions and fulfils the role of a CFO tailored to your needs. Tasks can range from day-to-day financial policy to executing specific and time-limited projects.

In order to determine day-to-day policy, it is also important to have accurate, up-to-date figures available to form the basis for decision-making. This can range from simple reporting to complex consolidated figures according to different valuation rules. Fibiz has the people with the necessary knowledge to support you in configuring the necessary reports and choosing the appropriate structure.

Feasibility study

Of course, the first priority of a business owner is the commercial and technical management of the business. The business’s finances might well be under control, but there is often a lack of detailed insight into the financial structure and value drivers. A good insight into the figures of the business is essential, both for management and value creation and for external parties. In doing so, the basis can be laid for a sound financial management system.

Fibiz assists you in drawing up a financial plan, drawing up projections and budgets, taking investment and financing decisions, drawing up financial reports and implementing the financial policy.

For start-ups or expanding businesses, drawing up a sound business plan is of the utmost importance. Firstly, a business plan is intended to create a clear overview, define strategies and outline financial planning: What result does the business expect to achieve? How will this be structured? What needs to be considered? What needs to be arranged? Secondly, a business plan is intended to show the financiers that there is a robust plan in place, helping a financier to make decisions as to whether to grant loans or capital. Fibiz has financial experts who can advise you on drawing up a business plan and creating a financial plan.


What is the value of your business?

This question might arise in the context of wanting to increase capital or for other reasons such as family succession, separation, (partial) transfer, etc.

If you intend to terminate or transfer your business activities, there are various methods available to calculate the value of your business. This is not an exact science; you will always have to assess the relevant market situation and that assessment is always going to be subjective. Calculating the value of your business can be done based on past performance, equity, expected future earnings or usually a combination of all of these.

Fibiz carries out business valuations for you.

Preparing a business for sale

Making a business 'ready for sale' takes a lot of work and requires an abundance of specific knowledge. Fibiz has all the required expertise available in-house.

Increase your value

What actions can you take before putting your business up for sale?

  • Focus on departments that are underperforming.
  • Use available funds at your disposal to optimise the value of your business.
  • Find out if selling all of your business is the best option. Or would it be better to stay on as a partial shareholder?

Fibiz tests the strategic possibilities and summarises everything in a clear and concise report. Only then does the sales process start.

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