Corporate governance

With the Governance Scan, we establish a specific and realistic trajectory to successfully put Corporate Governance into practice in your business. We can also provide you with experienced external directors or members for your advisory board who will fully meet the required profiles.

Companies that take Corporate Governance seriously have several demonstrable benefits that are fundamental to ethical and corporate social responsibility:

  • a professional image towards all stakeholders and in particular towards investors and bankers;
  • improved profitability;
  • prevention of fraud and/or illegal activities;
  • an advantage in the recruitment market;
  • support for legal responsibilities.

We consider it important to put the Belgian Corporate Governance Codes (Guberna) properly in practice. The content is more important than the form.

We can even go so far as to have one of our partners or employees take up a mandate as an independent director on your board of directors or become a member of one of the committees (audit, remuneration, appointment or strategic committee) in order to further develop your professional management and implement best practice according to the type of business that your business falls into. It has been proven that good governance forms the basis for a business achieving its long-term objectives and results in better financial results.

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