About us

Mission statement

Fibiz wants to be a centre of expertise in Corporate Finance by:
• giving independent advice;
• providing solutions to companies in the process of an acquisition or divestment;
• providing financial tools to start-ups and growing companies and introducing them to different funding solutions;
• sharing its extensive knowledge and experience.
Fibiz aims to advise owners, managers and companies with strategic insight and overview as we strongly believe that an extensive negotiation and transaction experience the key to the success of acquisitions and transfers.

It is the ambition of Fibiz to advise companies to support their further evolution and growth and guide them to the financial markets that best fit their size, industry and/or commercial market.

Fibiz believes that multiple financial tools and products are available and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the role of Fibiz to help companies to prepare and to make maximum use of these potential sources.



Applying the highest standards of integrity in our advice, actions, communication and interaction with others is the essence of our business model.


We openly communicate about our interests.

Human Capital

We invest in long term relationships with our customers, investors and other stakeholders.


Fibiz wants to realise its ambitions with respect to all involved, being shareholders, customers, business partners and colleagues.

Our approach

Before the start of an engagement, we will walk you through all steps of the process:

The preparation and implementation of a project is adjusted constantly if required on the basis of our preliminary findings and depending on potentially changing circumstances.

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