Businesses are always be subject to change: activities expand, major investments come under consideration, expansion opportunities (e.g. take overs) present themselves, etc. Entrepreneurs and businesses can draw on several sources of financing

What form of financing?

The question is which form of financing best suits the financial position of your business and the investment goal you have in mind.

Calculating your financing requirements

In order to map out your future financing needs, you need to have a clear picture of your future strategy, worked out in detail in a strategic plan. Based on the strategic plan, a multi-annual budget can be drawn up. The multi-annual budget consists not only of a results budget, but also a liquidity budget, which includes future investments and working capital. The liquidity budget is the basis for calculating your financing requirements.

Based on our experience, Fibiz can give you independent advice and help you calculate your financing requirements.

Expansion capital

In order to finance growth, businesses have various financing options, through acquiring external loans as well as capital injections. With the latter, it is possible to gain added value in the form of management, networks or advice (smart money).

To finance your growth, Fibiz has access to a broad network of private investors, industrial investors and venture capital companies. We give objective advice regarding potential new investors, negotiate the deals and monitor the situation closely.


Refinancing can be an important move to revive your business in financially difficult circumstances. Fibiz mediates between your business and lenders or financial intermediaries. Together with you, we draw up a robust survival plan.

Mezzanine financing

A mezzanine loan is a form of subordinated loan. It lies between the safety of a bank loan and your own risk-bearing capital. This means that you are using risk-bearing mezzanine capital when the banks no longer want to lend or when you are unable to raise capital. Here too, Fibiz will help you in your search.

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